Friday, August 17, 2012


When I taught in Arlington we used a math curriculum called Investigations. It was a lot of open ended activities which encouraged kids to come up with their own solutions to math problems. I loved this curriculum because it created mathematicians, people who study and actually think about math. It did not create children who just memorized an algorithm to find a solution to a problem that they really didn't understand.
SO the other day I was fishing around on EBAY and searched "Investigations". I found a man who was selling all the grade levels and it was super cheap. So nevertheless, I bought it--ALL! The day it came in the mail I squealed with delight. I began using it with the boys yesterday and we had so much fun.
The first activity was about counting all the kids who were at school that day. Well, there's only two kids in our school so I gave the boys 5 minutes to run around the house and gather all their "friends" for school.
 We lined all the friends up around the room

 And then practiced counting each and every friend. The boys loved this.  
 Then after we finished that activity they went to "math workshops" which right now is just exploring different manipulatives, but will soon be activities and games like their tot trays. Their workshops today were unifix cubes
 and geoblocks.
 They were so precious as they sat together and compared the lengths of their unifix trains.
 The other thing I've been doing a lot lately is working with them on their writing. Today we practiced writing the number 10 and they did such a great job!
 Then just for fun I gave them the number 10 for their dot paints.
 Working with these guys is so much fun. And our playroom is now ready for move in. The carpet was laid this morning so we will be moving in this weekend. I'm so excited to have our space back and get back to our tot trays and our normal routine.

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