Friday, August 17, 2012

Journal Writing

Although I haven't written about it lately, the boys are still writing in their journals and I still love the journal writing sooooo very much. This notebook full of their stories is going to be an absolute treasure to have and keep.
We've been working on self portraits and I am tickled to death about the portraits that the boys do. It melts my heart to see kid drawings and the progression of the self portrait. This week James and Remi both did a fabulous self portrait. I love how James has his two long legs and then his arms go all the way across his legs. You can see his head and his eyes and nose but then he always draws his "happy face" as a circle around his facial features. Sooo very cute!
 The adorable thing about his self portrait is that he draws it the same every time. This journal entry was the next day and the picture of himself is identical to his self portrait above. I just love it! I have to get him to draw it on white paper so I can frame it.
 Remi's self portrait makes me so happy. It's so adorable. I love love love how his little arms come off the side of his body and his long legs come off the body of his body. This is a text book self portrait. So much of his development is beaming through this picture.
 And then this journal just melts my heart. This is a picture of him and his dad. Isn't that adorable?! Also, his story is perfect. He told it start to finish and even started with "one day". Ha!
I just love the journals. If you are wanting to start any new thing in your home learning this year I strongly recommend journal writing. You will love it and treasure it.

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