Friday, August 31, 2012

Let The Fall Crafts Begin!

I know that Fall has not officially begun, but I can't help hoping that its arrival would happen soon. I've already decorated the house for Fall and now the boys are starting Fall themed stuff for school. This is by far my favorite season for learning because so much is happening right before our very eyes. Leaves changing, weather changing, animals busy preparing for winter, pumpkins and apples ripe for studying. I'm just so happy about all there is to learn. So we are starting Fall a little early in this house so that we can squeeze in as many cute crafts and as many learning opportunites as possible.

This week the boys made two adorable craft projects. The first was their owl paintings. I bought two canvases from Hobby Lobby and painted on a branch (totally got this idea from Pinterest).
 Then they put their handprints on it
 And added a sweet little face and some sprigs of green leaves. Is that not adorable? I have James' hung in the living room and Remi took his home for his new brother's nursery (which happens to be owl theme and I didn't even know!!!)
 Then today we painted pumpkins. I needed them to go ahead and make their pumpkins because we are starting new memory verses today. Remi's verse is "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love is forever" and I haven't decided on James' verse yet, but it will have something to do with thankfulness.

First the boys drew a big circle on their paper for the pumpkin
 Then they used cotton balls to fill in their pumpkins with circles.
 Then they added a stem and some leaves with a Q-Tip.
I love their first little harvest!!

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