Friday, August 31, 2012

New Journals---So very cute!

The boys wrote a new journal entry this week and I love both of their stories. Both boys had big exciting weekends and Monday was the perfect day for us to sit down and write about it. James told about his new class at church, Sunday was promotion Sunday where the kids move up to the next age class. For someone who doesn't handle change well, James did a great job entering a new class and playing with his friends. James wanted to write his own story so you'll see his "writing" at the top of his entry. Then I wrote the words that he said at the bottom. We also spent a little bit of time talking about his friend's names and so those are written in as well.
Remi wrote about his night at the Rodeo and how he was scared when some fireworks went off. Journals are a fantastic way to store all their stories. 2 months from now neither boy will remember their "new class at church" or "the night at the rodeo" and so these stories become treasures.
 After they wrote in their journals, I turned both their stories into books and they illustrated them. Of course I absolutely love their illustrations and am tickled pick when they read their books to each other.  
 This is my favorite page out of James' story. He drew him and all his friends and the last thing he did was add hair to everyone. His friend, Jeremiah (drawn in the middle of the three boys), has spiky hair and James drew two spikes for his hair. Hilarious!!!
 Their little drawings are so precious and are really starting to take on more characteristics. Have I mentioned that I LOVE journal time?!

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