Monday, August 20, 2012

New Play/School Room!!!

The minute the carpet guys left on Friday we started moving in to our new play/school room. This space was so missed in our house and I am so excited to have it back. Here are the boys running on the new carpet. Ha! They went absolutely crazy over the new room being done.
 Here's the view from the living room
 Here's our new reading nook. I love this space. I have all the books the boys can either read by themselves or can just look through independently in here. Plus, we've added the rug and pillows and are searching for a bean bag to make our space complete. The other shelf has their computer toy, and puzzles on it. This has been the space they've used most often so far.
 Here's our group area for blocks and calendar and math and wrestling :) The basket under the easel is where their books on tape are.
Here's as you walk in. Our hermit crab is there and most of our toys. I love the white shelf because the boys can access the tubs from both sides.
 We've been leaving the windows open (they attach to the living room) because we still don't have AC in the room, but other than that and a few other tiny paint jobs the room is done and just waiting for more and more kid art and writing to take over the walls.
We are in love with our space and I can't wait to watch how the boys use it to grow and learn this year.

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