Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stocking Up

One of the hardest jobs that I have as stay-at-home mom/mom in general is feeding these people! Food is always needed, always wanted, and always on my mind. What's for breakfast? What's for lunch? What's for dinner? Can I have a snack? I hear it all day long. I really do love feeding my family and I love having good healthy things available, but honestly I have a hard time keeping up.

About 6 months ago I joined a freezer cooking group which has helped me so much with main meals. I've been taking what I've learned from that and applying it across the board with all our of eating.
Breakfast is one of the meals that I love to cook the most and that my family needs the most. James and T both wake up very hungry and appreciate a cooked breakfast. However, that's not always doable so I spent some time on Wednesday prepping a bunch of breakfast things that can be reheated quickly on days when I don't have time to cook.

I prepped many smoothies. Nothing is harder than a smoothie. You have to get out 5 bags of different frozen fruits, chia seeds, yogurt, orange juice, slice up some banana and then mix it all together, clean it up and put it all away. It's a nightmare, but my men love smoothies and I love watching them eat something so healthy. So I've been making 6-10 of them at a time and all I have to do is add yogurt and orange juice. This has saved me tons of time and I don't hate it when someone asks, "Can I have a smoothie?"
 Sausage biscuits are very expensive at the store and full of things I don't want to put in my kids bodies so I love making my own. It's a process, but it's so worth it. These are the main things my kids want on days that I can't cook breakfast. If I make them on my own I can be selective about what bread I use, what sausage I buy and what I put in them (usually cheese and eggs). These pack a powerful dose of protein for T in the mornings and he loves being able to heat them up on his own for snacks as well. I make about 20 at a time and it's a lot of work, but it's so worth it.
 French toast is another favorite at our house and it freezes so well. I just take it right out of the freezer and toast it in the toaster and it's perfect. I like making my own because I can use whole wheat bread and tons of eggs.
I'm happy to have all these things on hand for this upcoming week. I'm assuming I will have to repeat all of this every 2 weeks, but it's so worth it. What things do you stock up on for breakfast?

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