Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekly Randoms

We've had a busy week and honestly I'm wondering when are things going to slow down? In the past month I've had a child leave my home (Ladybug), a child come into my home, a room built onto my house and thrown a birthday party. This is not a normal month for us and it's been really hard for me to keep up. However, all the things that have happened have been really wonderful, well except for Ladybug leaving, and I'm loving the new life that I have.

I didn't post this on T's birthday post so I just had to share it now. Below is T's cake that we picked up from Walmart. I specifically picked this cake because of the colors and the cute balloons and also because it was discounted sooooo much. However, when I asked the lady to personalize it I was not expecting her to write like a 4 year old. This is her actual writing that she thought would pass inspection. Holy cow! Are you serious? James could have written it better than that.
I didn't return the cake because we were in a hurry and I knew I could scrape that icing off once I got home. So once I got that mess removed I let T write on his cake. This was the perfect plan because no matter how bad it looked T would love it because he did it. And trust me it did look bad. The blue icing that I made didn't come close to matching the icing that was already on it and the whole thing just looked terrible, but he loved it and that's all that mattered.
 We have a new friend in our house. His name is Bob and he is a hermit crab. Our friends needed to get rid of him so we took him in. He's cute, but honestly he's pretty boring. The kids like him so I guess that's good, but he and I just don't understand each other. I want to hold him and watch him walk around and all he wants to do is stay curled up in his shell. I wonder if he even eats? I put food in there everyday and I never see any proof that he's eating anything except that I find little poopies. Oh well.
 Here's James curled up in JoJo's suitcase. He's been missing his "14 year old big boy", as he calls him, all weekend. Poor guy.
 I love the facial expressions in this picture. We were all reading a book about going to the zoo and it's a song so this is us in mid sentence, "Oh we're going to the zoo zoo zoo. How about you you you? You can come to to to. Oh we're going to the zoo zoo zoo!"
 Howdy Pardner!
 T had his cousin Isaac over the other day and I decided to pay them to pick up "tree balls" in the backyard. Our gorgeous trees drop these nasty sappy balls all over the place and the sap gets all over everything. So I told the boys I would give them $1 for every 30 balls they found. I thought I might have to pay them each a couple of bucks and it was so worth it to me to have them picked up. Well, I had no idea how many tree balls they would find. I ended up having to pay $10 to those boys and now I feel flat broke. Worth it? Yes, but dang that was an expensive job. Next time I will definitely be upping the amount of balls per dollar.
 T and I spent one day looking at Tim Hawkins videos on You Tube. He is absolutely hilarious and such a fun, clean comedian to watch with kids. It was fun listening to T giggle at all the jokes. We also watched some Kirk Franklin videos. I've got to get tickets to one of his concerts. He's sooooo good.
 James has this new thing that he does that literally gives me a heart attack every time I watch it. Our neighbor's driveway is really steep and he loves to ride to the top and soar down at top speed. I finally started making him wear his helmet when he does it because I'm so afraid of the crash. I cannot believe that he does this and I think he's super brave and such a fabulous bike rider, but it's killing me to watch it over and over.
 What a week! Our playroom should be painted and ready for carpet this week. I painted the ceiling today (my arms are killing me!!!!) and will paint the walls tomorrow. I'm so excited. It's almost done. Whooo Hoooo!

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