Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capturing the Tree Game

The boys like to play this tree game where Jeremy tells them a face to make or a thing to do and they run around the tree and POP out doing it. It is hilarious to watch and the little boys get soooo in to it.
 You will see a trend in the picture of Remi. No matter what face Jeremy told him to make he would pop out smiling. He's too giggly to actually hold a mad, sad, or goofy face for too long. Ha!
 Silly face!
 Angry face! I'd be scared if I were you.
 Semi goofy face--basically just happy!
 Do a little dance!
 My little white boy dancing! Not sure that he will ever be asked to prom with those moves, but he's cute nonetheless.
 Crazy man!
 Crazy man!
 Super man!
 Super man!
I'm living to good life, folks.

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