Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Paint Night

Earlier this week I had decided that I wanted T to make some Fall art work for our living room. I already had two pieces of art work from James and thought it would be fun to have some from T as well. So I busted out the water colors and let the boys go to town. It looked like so much fun that I joined in, too. Then Mammy called to see what we were up to and when she found out we were painting she wanted to come. So we had "Family Paint Night" at our house.

 Here's my masterpiece. Do not laught at my attempt at a squirrel.
 T's beautiful Fall tree.
 Mammy's adorable scarecrow and Fall tree. She did amazing!!!
 James' creation.
 And my little Fall art collection has started in the living room. Can't wait to see what gets added next!

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