Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Melting Ice

Yesterday we conducted a Science experiment outside with ice cubes. We wanted to see how we could make our ice cubes melt and what would happen when they melted. Both boys started out with a large ice cube.
 James initially put his on the sidewalk in the shade and Remi wandered out onto the driveway where it was sunny.
 Here's James sitting in the shade watching Remi's cube quickly start to melt and his is doing nothing! He quickly decided to join his friend on the driveway in the sun.
 Remi's very quickly made a puddle and both boys were so excited to see progress so quickly.
 Remi was in a hurry to make his melt and tried stomping it to see if that would help. Unfortunately his tiny and his ice would not break.
 We played a game of freeze frame while we waited for our ice to melt. They ran around like crazy and when I said, "FREEZE" they stopped and froze. Very fun for 3 (Remi's nearly three) year olds.
 They went back to try some more stomping.
 And we did lots more waiting.
 They even started eating their cubes to see if that would help! Ha!
 In the end their ice cubes got really small and . . .
 Finally melted into a large puddle of water. Fun times!
 Then they came in and wrote about their experiment in their journals. Both boys agreed that the sun helped the ice cubes melt faster, but they never quite understood why. This is definitely an experiment worth repeating as they get a little older. They loved it!

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