Monday, September 17, 2012

Number Games

We spent some time this morning doing some great number games and I wanted to share the pictures with you so you could do them, too. I have the papers if you want me to email them to you or they are on my pinterest "At Home Learning" board.

The first game we played is an ordering numbers game. The boys had to look at the number strip and decide which number was missing. So the strip might say "4 __ 6, 7, __" Then when they decided what number was missing they would fill in the blank with magnetic numbers. Magnetic numbers work so well because neither boy can write their numbers yet. They loved this game.

 It's also great for reading through a sequence (Basically a great way to teach patterns, too) and checking your work. When they were finished they would read through the whole line of numbers to make sure they had gotten the right ones.
 The next game was a counting game. They had their cookie sheets (from Dollar Tree) and I gave them papers with different rows of stars on them. They had to count the stars and then find the matching number to put in the box. You could use stickers, or have them write the number, but we used magnetic numbers again.
 This game was very easy for them because they are both great at counting objects, but I liked the fact that they had to build the numbers. They've never had to use the magnetic numbers to build numbers above ten before and we will be doing more of that.
I really liked both of these games!

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