Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest Craft Night!

I keep finding all these things I want to make on Pinterest and so I decided to have a Pinterest Craft Night at my house this week. The night was a lot of fun and MOST of the people liked the crafts that we made although by 1:00 in the morning we had to pack it up and take the rest home.

Our two projects were a wreath and some Mod Podged Fall themed letters. The wreath was very time consuming, but the final product is adorable. Mine looks fabulous hanging in our kitchen and I love having something around the house that I created.

Here's the girls (minus Laurie and myself) hard at work on our wreaths.
Here's the finished product. Cute, huh?
And this is my dear friend, Robin. Robin was having a hard night. Although no one can blame her because she teaches 1st grade and had been at work all day so she was a bit tired. However by this point she clearly just needed sleep. She was the first one to finish her wreath, but didn't do so well on her wooden block letters (picture will be shown down below).
 Here's the letters I made. I chose the word "Thanks" to spell and love that it fit perfectly across our living room bookshelf.  
 Here's Robin's letters. She messed up a whole bunch of times and ended up just having her letters spell "Shankt" instead of "Thanks" because at this point in the night she felt a little "shankt". See how some of her letters are pink and some are brown--well that was not her intent. OOPS!
 We had a great time hanging out and crafting ourselves right into the next morning. Not sure if any of them will come back for my next Pinterest craft night, but hopefully we can do it again soon!

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