Monday, September 17, 2012


We busted out the shaving cream this morning and the boys loved it! Shaving cream is such a great sensory activity to wake up the brain, and desensitize kids who naturally avoid certain textures. Both boys were a little shy at first and it honestly took them about 15 minutes to really get messy with the cream.
 Getting Started! We did it on the patio table so that I could just hose everything off at the end. Worked perfectly!
 Not quite sure about this.
 Oh, ok this could be fun!
 That feels pretty good.
 Writing letters on the table.
 James kept his fingers closed most of the time. I honestly thought he would get crazy with it, but he stayed pretty reserved the whole time.
 By the end Remi had both hands in it and was going to town.
 I ended the activity when both boys were still happy with it. They both have declared that they want to do it again this afternoon. I'm thinking the 2nd time around will be a little more messy. What do you think?

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