Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Learnings

I know that every mom that has a child in school will say that this week has been crazy! I cannot believe how crazy life can get just by having one child going to school. Homeschooling and having your child at home all day is WAY easier than sending them off. Sheesh! I'm tired. T survived his first full week as a 7th grader and absolutely loved his new school. James and Remi handled him being gone just fine, but were always so happy to see him at the end of the day.

T got some pretty great hugs each day from his newest little buddy, James. James hasn't ever communicated that he missed T, but always is stuck to him like glue once he gets home. They spend their evenings playing games together. On this particular night they decorated a monster cutout that we got at Rosa's Cafe.
 Remi is totally obsessed with drawing, tracing, and writing. I remember James going through this stage about 6-7 months ago and it's so funny to see Remi now getting on board. Of course James is no longer interested in tracing like he used to be so we'll see how long this phase lasts for Remi, but for the time being I'm certainly enjoying all his pictures and hard work.
 I saw this activity on pinterest and knew the boys would love it. You write the letters/shapes/numbers that you want them to trace and then give them a Q-Tip and paint to trace over each letter. They loved this activity and have been doing it all week long.
 We've been spending our "circle time" or "group time" together each day making lists of opposites. I write down the two opposites at the top and then have them tell me things that go under each heading. It's so fun to listen to what they come up with.
 We had some friends over that decorated our "Big and Small" poster, but for things that are small they said, "wheels (I think they mean on their little toy cars), letters, spider, cranberry, and Baby J (our Ladybug)".
 I pulled out of our neighborhood one morning and caught T's football team practicing outside. I drove by like a total stocker and took their picture out the window. It's far away, but it was precious watching all of them practice. He's so excited about football and has already wanted to quit the team twice. Ha! But the hard work and dedication will be so good for him. He does love it and is so proud when he makes it through another day of practice. However, this child has been quite sedentary his whole life so the hard work is new for him. Can't wait for him to have his first game.
 These pictures do not capture this moment well, but this is T and James riding bikes one day after school. I said it before, but James sticks to him like glue when he comes home. The feeling is quite mutual and both boys spend their entire evening together. I love these two!
 Riding scooters outside. I put this in the "weekly learnings" post because all this bonding between the two of them is the type of learning that's good for the soul. I spend a lot of time developing the mind of my kids, but I also delight in watching them develop relationships. These two boys were meant to be together. Two gentle little creatures who are so very different, but who are such good friends.
Hope you had a great week with your family!


Kristy Dixon, Parent Coach said...

Stealing the Q-tip idea, Thanks!

Laurie said...

love this post!! Did MY children color all over your adorable poster?! Sheesh. You can't leave Jayden alone with a marker!

Maile said...

Bahaha! Yes, Laurie it was your children. One thing I have really noticed about Jayden is that he loves to create. He built with blocks, colored, and created the whole time he was here. I didn't even notice the poster colored at first til I went to take the picture. Ha!