Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Learnings

The boys have been busy little students this week and are still doing great with their handwriting. Remi has started signing all his work with the letter R and is so proud to be able to put his letter on it. This is a page he did earlier this week and for the "Build It" part I just let him use stickers because he still needs lots of fine motor practice and peeling stickers is fabulous for that!
 The boys each wrote a nonfiction story this week. I let them choose any animal out of our tub and unfortunately they both chose animals that they don't know much about. So there were very few facts that they could come up with, but I'm going to have them do this again after we've read a few books on a certain animal. Since it's nearing fall I want to have them write about owls. They both published their books and Remi used stickers to decorate his front cover.

 We've done letter mazes before, but the boys like to search for a specific letter and then in the end they can see that the R's make a path from beginning to end. Since Remi is loving writing his Rr's right now I gave him an "R" maze.
 James learned how to use the tape dispenser this week and has created about 15 of these papers with piles of tape on them. He is so proud of himself so I don't have the heart to stop it. I did add tape to our grocery list though because he's almost used a whole roll. Ha!
 The boys are flying through the "Words Their Way" sorts. Both boys did this week's sort without any trouble at all. They are really good at hearing the sounds at the beginning of words. Each sort comes with four letters, but we only do two at a time.
 James made some cards this week for his family. He wrote a note about what he loves about Mimi and Randad's house and we mailed it to them. And then he also made a card for his G-Dad's birthday.

 Goof Ball!
Hope y'all had a great week of learning. We have lots of lego games to play next week that I printed off Pinterest and we'll be doing a lot more math next week. Happy to get to help these boys learn each day!

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