Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Learnings

We've been working hard this week on our opposites and the boys have loved their tub activities this week. The first day I filled a tub with things that were hard and soft and had them sort them.
 This was super easy for them so then I had them go and pick things around the house that would fit in either catagory. They had more fun finding things that would work rather than sorting the things I had chosen.
 Both boys are doing great with writing their letters and since this is what Remi is really into right now I've been doing a bunch of practicing with them on dry erase boards. They love learning new letters and so at the end of the week I had them do this activity where they wrote all the new letters they had learned. Below is Remi's paper. I love their writing, it's so cute!
 On the back of their paper I had them stamp the letters. This was mainly so that one boy could be stamping while I helped the other boy write his letters. Plus, all kids love stamping!
 This was our sorting activity for the opposites "sink and float". Saying that the boys LOVED this activity is a huge understatement. They did this all day long! Anything involving water is fun.
I have never ever discussed sink and float with these boys, but the evidence is clear once they drop it in the water. That's the beauty of hands-on activities.

 Once all the objects were sorted I had them check their work by dumping all the "float" objects in the tub. Sure enough they all floated!
 Then since they loved the water so much I gave them both an ice cube tray and let them practice some spooning. Remi did this for an hour straight. Ha! James did it in shifts. First he spooned for five minutes then began drinking the water so he went to time out. Then he came back and spooned for a while then started spooning on top of Remi's head so then he got a spanking. Then he came back and spooned for a while. Ha!

 James loves to build with blocks and in this particular block set (Discovery Toys) there are pictures of things you can make with your blocks and he likes building the same object as the picture. Here's his rocket. I want to sit down and make some objects and take a picture of them and print them so he'll have some more to make, but I haven't done that yet.
Hope y'all had a fun week of learning at your house. We're about done with our opposites study. We may do a few more activities with it next week.

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