Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Here's all my random pictures from the week that I feel like I just have to post :) We went to the park with our friends, Isaac and Jayden and the boys had so much fun playing chase around the equipment. James loved hanging with the big boys!
 Have y'all heard about this? Chic Fil A is offering "Mommy Valet Service". It's so fantastic and I will totally be using this once we have another baby in the house. I've thought this was needed so many times so Chic Fil A is brillant coming up with it. You order your food through the drive through and tell them you want the Mommy Valet service. Then you pay at the window and then they set up your table for you inside the store. That way all you have to do is unload your children and go sit down. Genius!!!!
 We may have stumbled onto some masks in JoAnn's the other day. Ha! I really wanted to buy this because both boys couldn't stop trying it on. But I resisted! Would love to find it at a garage sale someday though. And I love how James is wearing it while wearing the shirt "Awesome just like my dad" Ha!
 For Labor Day we went to our friends, Laurie and Billy's, house for splashing and eating.
 James was on a reading kick this week so we read tons of books and I snagged this picture of him reading "Going on a Bear Hunt" to Daddy.
 While James was feeding his fish one morning the top came off the food dispenser and the entire thing dumped into the tank. It was a big giant mess and even after I cleaned the tank it's still pretty nasty. I'm going to have to clean it again in a few days. Sheesh!
Hope you had a fun week with your family. This week Jeremy is on vacation all week so I am going to soak up some Hubby time and enjoy having help throughout the day. Yay! Plus, our home is open again for an infant so hopefully we will get a new little baby this week. Double Yay!!

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