Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Apple Craft

Twice a week I keep my friend's 15 month old toddler. This is by far my favorite age of child (up to about 30 months) because they want to do and learn everything! Today he and I did an apple craft and it was a lot of fun. This is an activity that you can do with any age child. I will be doing it later in the week with James and Remi and we also did it when I student taught in Kindergarten so it works for all ages.

Our activity began like this:
I first showed him a red and a green apple. He played with them, threw them, licked them, bit them, rolled them, etc. We talked about how it felt hard, had no smell, made sounds when dropped, etc. Then I asked him to choose his favorite one and he chose green.

I then used my knife (labeling all of this for him during the process) and cut the apple open. He was amazed! The inside was white. The inside had seeds. The inside had a taste and a smell. He liked the inside.

Then we picked out the paint that matched our apple (with help of course) and made some apple prints on his paper. He of course got paint all over his hands, mouth, head, but he did the art and he learned and had fun.

 After he was cleaned up, I cut up some of the green apple and let him eat it. He loved it!
He was a proud little guy when he got to show his work off to him momma today, too. Glad to have a little man around twice a week.

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