Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ladybug!!!

Back in February I met the prettiest, sweetest, most adorable little girl in all the world. She charmed our family from the second we laid eyes on her and thinking about her can still make Jeremy and I's eyes tear up in a split second. We absolutely love this child. Our Ladybug, Joy.
Well today is a big day in Joy's life. She is turning one. One year old! I can't believe it.
She is a gift to the world and is most certainly a gift to our family and to her own family. Her smile lit up our home and never failed to bring strangers from across the room or grocery store to come and speak to her.
 Cheery, bold, determined, and friendly--that's our Ladybug!
 Dressing her was like playing with a baby doll. She was adorable and beautiful in any outfit and had the best hair for styling and clipping bows in. Although she hated for me to do her hair, I loved it and I loved watching her feel pretty.
 So today Ms. Joy, we celebrate you. We celebrate your life. We celebrate your mother. We celebrate the year that you've had. We celebrate your strong will and your beauty. We celebrate your busy, healthy, little body and we pray that your little life will be nothing but wonderful. You are a delight. You are a blessing. You are a Joy!
 You will always be our Ladybug. You will always be loved and adored in our eyes and you will always be prayed for. The Lord bless you and keep you.
 You darling. . .
 Special. . .
 Gentle. . .
 Little Diva!
 You have blessed us more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday, my love.


Laurie said...

LOVE this!! She was a pure joy that little one, and we all miss her.

Veretta said...

Every word you said is true! Her name is perfect! She is a JOY!! We love her, too!

Jen said...

I'm crying!! So sweet, Maile!