Thursday, October 11, 2012

James' New Bike

James' most prized possession got into an unfortunate accident yesterday and it was a sad sad time at the Srader house. Daddy accidentally ran over it while he was pulling out of the garage and our little buddy had to say goodbye to his little buddy. It broke the seat and the training wheels and would have cost about $50 to repair it. Since he had already worn out the back tire and the bike was getting a little too small, it was time to take a trip to the bike store (Wal-Mart).
 Here they are working on the bikes. James was trying to fix his old one and Daddy was working on the new one.

 We put James' bike out on the front curb in case someone else wanted it and it looked so pathetic sitting out there all by its lonesome.
 James is a happy boy now. His new bike is brighter than the sun and will most certainly have bald tires in a few months. He's happy. We're happy. And someone took his old bike off the curb, so maybe it will get fixed and bless some other little boy.
Love you, my little bikin' babe.

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