Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Learnings: New Tub Activites

Our week is starting off so well. We've got new tubs on our shelves and a full week of Fall/Halloween/Apple activities ready to go. I love the Fall! Learning is more fun it seems in the Fall. Here's some of the tubs on our shelf:

Block Building: I took pictures of different things to make with blocks and printed them out on card stock. The boys can create whatever they want or they can create what's on the card. James does better and plays with blocks longer if he has something specific to create. Here's one of the pictures they can make.
 This is Remi's favorite tub. I gave them a bowl of orange, black and white beads and a few cut pipe cleaners and they are to make patterns. Great fine motor activity, counting activity and patterning activity.
 This one is simply for transferring practice. I will be putting some number stickers in the bottom of the muffin tin so that they have to put a specific number of cubes inside, but for now it's open ended. The tongs are from Hobby Lobby and they are by far the best we've ever had. The cubes are centimeter cubes that are from my math materials when I taught.
 Our Halloween sensory tub, or as I call it with the boys, "Halloween Seek and Find". This has been James' favorite and there are all kinds of goodies hiding within. The Dollar Tree has so much Halloween stuff right now that anyone could make this for a couple of bucks (if you already have the beans).
 This is a foam puzzle that I bring out from time to time. They just match the outline of the letters with the actual letter. There are also numbers 1-10 in there.
 These eyeballs are perfect for our egg tray. The boys love picking them up and placing them in the "socket". Ha!
 Great way to use your divided trays is to place a number inside and have your kiddos fill each compartment up. The little pumpkins in the middle just add a flare of Halloween spirit, but you could use anything: cheerios, pom poms, balls, candy corn, etc.
Enjoy your week! I'm looking forward to the Fall crafts we have planned this week.

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