Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly Randoms

It's only Thursday, but I already have some random photos that I just had to post. It's been a wild week already. On Monday T broke his front tooth. Now since he smiles ALL THE TIME and since the front tooth is a little bit noticable we had to take care of this immediately. It's now fixed and looking normal, but I have to admit . . . I took a lot of pictures of him in his pirate costume while the tooth was broken. Ha! I couldn't help myself.
 I bought a new shoe this week, but it only came in WIDE sizes. Can you guess which one is the new one. Good grief! I have no idea what happened, but my ankle has been hurting me for over a month so I finally went to the doctor and I have a stress fracture. Yippee! A month of wearing this big ole' thing.
 James has ridden his bike so much that his back tire had a blow out. Is that normal? This is one bike riding machine of a kid.
 How have I lived 29 years without this tool? James and T both eat an apple everyday and both of them like them sliced. Do you know how many apples I have sliced in my lifetime? This tool is amazing! I will be giving one to everyone who doesn't have one for Christmas. It's a MUST OWN!
Hope you're having a good week. Hopefully our week will be a little more boring from now on.


Anonymous said...

What is that apple slicing tool? It looks awesome!

Laurie said...

Oh gosh...that tooth kills me! I need to get an apple slicer. I had one years ago and need to go back to that!

Maile said...

The apple slicing tool is at Walmart for $4. I found mine in the freezer section. Not sure why, but that's where it was. Totally worth every pennny! Laurie, I'll put one in your family basket for Christmas :)

Wendy Davis said...

So sorry about your ankle! Glad you now know why it has been hurting, hopefully you can get some relief now. We have an apple slicer but I always forget to use it!