Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decor

Special and fun does not even come close to describing how it was watching James and Terrance get the house decorated for Christmas. Terrance has talked about Christmas decorations since the day he moved in and he was so excited to deck the halls last night. We spent the day setting out all our decor and wrapping presents and he was 100% involved in all of it. James on the other hand tried his best to participate, but he's been so sick that he helped out when he could, but really just laid around and listened to Christmas music. 

Here's the boys decorating their tree in the playroom. I love all of James' handmade ornaments and have 3 planned for Terrance to make this year so his can be added to the mix.
 While I was untangling lights for our big tree, the boys set up the nativity on the fire place. Terrance wanted me to take the picture of the finished scene.

 Our felt tree from last year was a big hit again. The boys loved putting the ornaments on and arranging them. I have the felt board in James' room so we just put the tree on that. Love, love, love this idea for kiddos.
 I was so excited to see Terrance put the star on our tree. It means a lot to me to see the star go on top and the fact that he's here and he's adding it to our tree is just really special. I know that he'll remember this Christmas forever. He's so stinkin' excited about it.

 I had James add all his personal ornaments to our big tree and he loved that. I've dreamed of the hodge-podge tree my whole life and I love that our tree gains more and more kid-made ornaments every year.
 Here's Terrance adding his first ornament to the tree. It's a framed picture of his school picture and he's very proud of it.
 There's our Nana Bear! She made this little ornament last year when she was here and it makes me so happy to see it throughout the day. I also bought a cute little snowman ornament that says, "JOY" on it for our Ladybug and have added it to the tree as well.
 Here's my little elf trying his best to enjoy the party. Poor guy!

 I turned our sofatable into a shrine of all our kiddos that we love so much. There's nothing more important to me than these kids. Speaking of kids, our Baby Lee turned one this past weekend. Wish I could see his one year old pics. I bet he's a doll.
 Then to end our night we went next door to Mammy and Papa's house and saw their Christmas lights. Papa has worked hard getting tons of lights set up and we've been eagerly awaiting the finished product.
So much to be thankful for this Christmas: Jesus, my boys, Nana Bear, Ladybug, Baby Lee, our family, our friends, and our awaited children. I'm so thankful for Jesus' love. December is going to be a lot of fun!

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Kristin said...

Precious! Love you guys! Great pics!