Monday, November 5, 2012

James' New Jeep

James got an early Christmas present this week and boy has he loved it. In fact, love doesn't really do justice to the feelings he has for this jeep. I have done nothing else since Friday afternoon than watch this child drive this jeep. He loves  adores this jeep.
He was so excited for Remi to get to our house this morning so that they could ride it together. Remi was a little skeptical at first (notice the hands gripping the windshield) but after about 2 or 3 minutes he was begging James to drive faster.
 He pauses every so often and kicks the tires, opens the hood, changes the oil, changes the air filter, and fills it with gas. Of course his trusty sidekick, T, loves to tag along. Too bad the jeep won't hold him, too. I think he wishes it would.
 James even loves for Remi to drive it so he can be the passenger. Remi is a crazy driver and so their ride is a little bumpy when he's at the wheel. But all the more fun, I guess.  
 T loves for James to try and run him over. He gets in his football stance and then leaps out of the way just in time for James to pass. It's hilarious and I think James is a little afraid he won't leap in time because he keeps stopping before he even gets to him.
 Is he not adorable? We found the jeep on Craigslist and Randad (Jeremy's dad) really wanted to give this to James for Christmas. So once we found one he wanted James to have it now. I am pretty sure James will not care on Christmas morning. He will probably not want to open any presents until he has first gone out and driven his jeep, which is what we have done every morning so far.
 James spotted a cheetoh on the ground and so T positioned it where James could crush it with his tires. This was just the coolest thing ever and both boys had to stop and admire their work. And you can't see it to well, but they are dressed as Superheros. I love these two!

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