Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Tree

Although thankfulness is something I want my kids praying about every day, November is an easy month for us to tie it in to our school day. James and Remi are sweet little pray-ers. They each have a different style to their praying, but I enjoying listening to both of them talk to God.

This month we will be adding leaves to our "Thankful Tree" every day that we do school work. Today was our first day do this. We sat down in a circle and shared one thing we were thankful for. James said he was thankful for his Mimi and Randad. Remi said he was thankful for the Lord and I said I was thankful for Jeremy. Then we each went around and prayed and thanked God for these things. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I just had to capture their pictures praying.

 Each boy picked out a leaf cutout and I wrote what they were thankful for on the leaf. Then we took our leaves and hung them on our tree. I can't wait to watch this tree take shape throughout the month. I could not be more thankful for each one of these boys. They light up my day(s).

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