Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Learnings

Since it is only Monday I will include a few things that we did last week in this post and maybe do another post at the end of the week. I spent 2 hours last night planning our school work for the next 2 weeks so I am full of ideas and ready to go. The math journal has been an absolute delight to my day and today we did a number sort. The boys had to sort the numbers based on the lines used to form them. Numbers are either formed by straight lines, curved lines, or both. I didn't think to make a box for "both" so James thought to put his #2 on the line in between. Brilliant! Each boy sorted about 6-8 numbers for their journal. I chose to use stickers mainly because they can't write their numbers yet and all of our stamps are letters.
 I've also pulled a handwriting practice activity for them to do each day. Today they did the #3. The page has them trace the number 3 about 15 times then form 7 or 8 of them on their own. By the time James had traced all those 3's he was really good at making his own. I don't have these via email, but you can borrow them and copy them if you'd like.
 We're still doing our Investigations curriculum and have eased our way into a section on sorting and classifying. Last week the focus was on buttons and this week the focus is on pattern blocks. The boys loved the new buttons that I bought (Mardel) and learned that one attribute is enough for sorting. So you could have four buttons of different shapes, different colors, and different sizes, but if they all have 4 holes you could group them together based on the number of holes. It was an interesting lesson for them and I really enjoyed watching them sort them in all the different ways.
 I've found these puzzles on a blog called 2teachingmommies. They take a picture and divide it into 10 pieces and your child is to glue the puzzle back together by ordering the numbers. I just think these are so much fun and will be creating more for myself if need be.
 I believe this game came from 1+1+1=1's fall unit study. You roll the die and graph your results. The boys loved playing this game and making predictions about which picture may win. Obviously James is excited!
Fun, fun, fun teaching week ahead. These boys are getting so smart I'm really having to step it up a notch to keep them challenged. They are flying through words their way spelling curriculum, they are loving the Investigations math curriculum and I love their math and writing journals. Hope you had a great week of teaching at your house, too!

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