Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Learnings

Mostly what I'm uploading to show you is our math journals from this week. This has been a fun addition to our school day and the boys have enjoyed doing them daily. On Tuesday the boys' journal was deciding which objects were heavy and which ones were light. I actually gave them specific items to choose from, but plan on doing this again and letting them pick out their own items. We had never done anything with weight before so I wanted to help steer them in the right direction. I'm still having them write the beginning letter of each word in their journal however James has been adding in more letters to his words these days so I think I will stop just asking for the beginning letter and see what happens.

Our baby friend came to play this week and he loved putting magnetic letters on a cookie sheet. We've been including him in our school time and of course he enjoys every activity. The age from 15-20 months is a great time to begin focused activities with your kiddos. They can handle it and will catch on quickly that "school time" is indeed "fun time".
I really enjoyed watching James solve this next journal. The problem said, "There are three people looking out the window. How many eyes do you see?" The three circles he drew are the 3 people's heads and he added two tiny eyes to each one. Then we he went to count the eyes he originally counted each one by itself and came to the answer of 6. I asked him if there were any other ways to count the eyes and he then skip counted them by 2's. I nearly died in my chair watching him put into practice his skip counting. So I labeled his eyes in red marker after he counted them to remind myself that he used skip counting as a strategy for getting and checking his answer.
This is Remi's story about Buzz Lightyear that he wrote later in the week. I love his picture of Buzz. The lines represent Buzz's ears, arms, and wings. Ha! And the top letters are supposed to say Buzz Lightyear he just writes his "L's"  like a lowercase R. We are still publishing most all of our writings and I've been trying to publish in different ways. Sometimes we make a book, sometimes a poster, sometimes a chart that hangs up in our school room. It just depends.
This is Remi's actual writing journal. You can see at the bottom that he wrote his story first (See all the beginning letters he is writing down) and then I wrote the story up above.
It's been a fun week of learning. As always if you need any of the papers we did email me and I'll send them over.

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Wendy Davis said...

Oh my goodness, those boys are super smart!!! Way to go mom! I'm so making some of these word problems right now. I love them!