Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Learnings

We've been having some great moments in our school room this week and I'm just loving all the new things the boys are doing now that they can write their letters. Here are their writing journals from this week. We've shifted into a new writing pattern since they can write their own words now. First they tell me their story and while talking it through they draw their picture at the top of their journal. Then they write their words down below. Since they are now doing their own writing their stories are going to be a lot shorter now. They simply can't add all the detail that they use to, but I end up getting all the details out of them while they are doing their picture. For now, our focus will be on the writing process. As they can be more proficient in writing the details will come back into their stories.

Here's Remi's story: I like to ride in James' jeep. We go get gas.
Here's James' story: When Mom and Dad do coffee time me and Remi play outside.
I absolutely loved Remi's math journal from this week. The problem states: There were five kids playing at the park. Then two children had to go home. How many children are at the park?

Remi drew all five children as circles and then to show which two kids went home he added faces and legs to show those children were walking home. He did this all on his own and I thought it was brilliant.
This is an example of how math journal can help me plan more activities to do with the boys. James did this math journal. It states: Four ducks flew into a pond. Then three more ducks came in. How many ducks are in the pond?

James drew all 7 ducks, but when it came time to count them "in all" he tried to use his skip counting by 2s strategy and it broke down. He kept counting 8 ducks because he didn't know how to count by twos when it was an odd number. So for the rest of the week we played a game where he would grab two handfuls of unifix cubes and count them by twos. This gave him many opportunities to practice counting by 2s even when the number is odd.
They are still doing some type of handwriting activitiy each day and it is really helping. I also taped down the alphabet and numbers 1-10 on their table and they can use that to help them when they are writing.
This was a short week of school, but I"m so excited to see their thinking next week. I just love working with these guys.

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