Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Randoms

We had a fabulous week full of smiles, family visitors, football and outside time. Sounds like the perfect week to me!

Here's James with his new electric toothbrush. The child could not be happier if I had given him a million dollar spending spree. It's the little things in life, isn't it?
 T had his next to last football game this week. I have really enjoyed watching all these young men play football each week. I will miss seeing T in his uniform. There's just something so adorable about a boy in a uniform.
 My little goof doing "tricks" on his bike.
 Mimi and Randad came for a visit and James loved for Randad to make him fly. You can't really see it, but James is in his Buzz Lightyear costume. Randad would push the big red button on his costume and James would shoot his arms out like wings. Very cute!
 You're never too big for bath toys. While James was bathing the other night T joined him and they played with ocean animals until they were both soggy raisins. Love these two boys!
 It was red ribbon week at T's school and he dressed up every day. He loves to participate in things like that. The first day he dressed up as Micheal Jackson. Here's a side shot of his cuteness!
 James' love of coloring is proved here in this picture. My little boy can do many things well, but coloring. . . not so much. He doesn't like it, could care less about it, and only does it when required or when Remi is. My mother in law says Jeremy colored just like this. I guess it runs in his genes.
Hope you had a great week. I've loved looking at everyone's Halloween pictures and I'll be posting our's soon.

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