Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Randoms

We've had a fun week around our house and I had a several funny pictures I wanted to share and remember. Here's James driving his sweet friend, Jasmine, around the neighborhood yesterday. She enjoyed the ride and enjoyed being the "big man" driving around the "little lady".
 Jeremy edged up Terrance's hair this week and in an effort to get all the little hairs off of him before he flitted off to school they busted out the leaf blower. Hilarious!

 Jeremy has become quite the barber and brags to anyone who will listen about his new skills. We always tease him and remind him that he is indeed a white man and that opening up a barber shop would most likely not work out for him and his future, but all kidding aside he does do a really great job on Terrance's hair.
 I took this picture earlier this week and just have to document it. Randad plays a game with James where he pretends that he can't get up without James' help and he lays on the ground with one thumb stuck straight up and begs and begs for James to help him. Well, while James and Remi were playing around I noticed James trying to get Remi to pull him up. Notice the thumb stuck straight up! Ha!. Makes me laugh.
 We took a group shopping trip to Wal-Mart and the boys left me to go do their own thing while I got groceries. Here's how I found them. They were completely captivated by some movie playing in the electronics area. Goofy boys!
 We did a little furniture shuffling this week and Terrance has enjoyed having a big chair in the playroom to read in. He never ever sat in it when it was in his room, but now he uses it daily.
Hope you had a great week. I'm looking forward to seeing family this week and letting Terrance meet all the extended bunch!

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Wendy Davis said...

Jeremy does do a fantastic job on T's hair!! And you have got to frame that picture of James & Jasmine, that is too cute!