Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bubble Map

Today I did a "Bubble Map" with the boys. A bubble map is considered a type of thinking map. Thinking maps are used to help writers organize information. The bubble map is generally used when the topic can be described with a list of things. Today the boys described each other. I thought they would be able to list certain attributes about each other, but it really turned in to a list of things they like. Remi described what James likes. James described what Remi likes. It was really cute and the boys have liked looking at their bubble maps all day.

I began by making a bubble map about Jeremy on the easel. They helped me think of things that describe Jeremy. You can see how this could be a great tool for turning all these bubbles into a story. I could easily write a 5-7 sentence story about Jeremy just by using what is on this map.
 Here's Remi's map about James. He wrote the beginning letter for what he was saying and then circled it and connected it to James. We talked about how the connecting line lets everyone know who you are talking about. Remi's work is so neat and organized :)
 James' work never really looks neat or organized, but you get the point. He had plenty of things that described Remi and connected his bubbles to Remi's picture. James draws his lines all the way through the bubble to Remi and it makes it a bit messy, but as long as he can understand it I guess that's what matters at this point.

We are going to try a couple of these next week on some other topics, but I think this will be a good writing tool for them in the future.

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