Friday, December 14, 2012

Charts and Math Journal

This week we in our math journals we focused on our skip counting and the patterns within the 100's chart. The 100's chart is such a great tool for young mathematicians. It helps with counting, skip counting, addition and subtraction and so much more. Each boy worked on a different skill this week.

James knows all his numbers to 100 and uses skip counting routinely when solving problems in his math journal. However, when counting by 2's he begins to break down after about the number 30. I wanted him to begin to see the pattern that happens with the numbers when you count by 2's. . . 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. The 100's chart shows that pattern so clearly. The brown marker you see was when we went at the end and talked about another pattern, but for the most part we talked about the how no matter what TEN we are in, the ONES place is always moving in a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 pattern.
Remi is still learning his numbers to 100, but knows a song about counting by 10's. I had him sing his song while we searched for the numbers on the 100's chart. It became very easy for him to find the numbers onced he realized that you can count by 10's by just moving down to the next row.
We are still using Investigations as our core math curriculum and this week it focused heavily on charts. I made a chart with each boy about the girls and boys that they know. We talked about the chart and then I had them each make a chart of their own.
Here's James making his chart. He still prefers to write most of his letters rather largely so the more people he added to his chart the more congested it looked. His chart was over movie characters he knew, boys and girls.

 Remi's chart looks a heck of a lot better than James'. He did it over boys and girls that he knew and then we talked about the fact that he knows more girls than boys.
 We'll spend some time looking at different kinds of charts and making some of our own next week.

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