Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Our Christmas celebration actually began on Saturday when my brother and his two kiddos arrived. The cousins could not have been happier to see each other. Laney and James were connected at the hip most of the time and Foster ate up the fact that there was now a 12 year old to hang with. I overheard him telling Terrance, "I wish you were my brother". Sweet.

The kids did motorcycle rides, decorated cookies for Jesus' birthday, ate lots of food, played games, rode bikes, and wrestled for nearly 5 days. It was a fabulous time!

 Our "at home" Christmas morning went really well. Terrance was thrilled with his couch load of presents, clothes, games, and rat food (that's right, he's getting a rat). James loved his games, puzzles, movies and of course his early gift. . . the jeep!

 Terrance was beyond excited when he opened his Nintendo DS. He hasn't put it down all day.

 Both boys got spoiled rotten by my mom and Maxey and had a blast opening presents at their house later in the morning. James was thrilled with his very large Buzz Lightyear and Terrance has been waiting months for a police station set up that he begged for back in October.

 Laney and her new purse.
Terrance and Foster wrestling through all the gift opening. Have I mentioned before what a PERFECT addition he is to our family. EVERYONE loves him.

 Mammy patiently playing Mancala with two preschoolers. Not sure either one of them ever played by the real rules.
 Laney was interested in James' Buzz. Not sure she understood why it wasn't soft and cute, but she was definitely interested.
 The big boys happily played on their DS toys throughout the afternoon.

 James with his favorite Christmas present so far. He has spent months going to Target to play with this Buzz. How could we not make sure he got it for Christmas?
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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