Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Learnings

We've had lots of learning going on this week and one of our favorites parts to the day is still our math journal. I've really been enjoying these short little learning opportunities each day. The first one we did was one with comparing numbers bigger and smaller than 10.
The second one we did was one comparing objects. I gave them two objects at a time and had them decide which one was bigger and which one was smaller.
 Here's our Christmas sensory tub. The boys have just loved this one. I think it's mainly the rice and the candy canes, but they have played with it every day for about 2 weeks. Kids LOVE rice.
 We did a Nativity seek and find and I hid all their nativity people around the house. I read them the description of the people and they had to decide which character I was talking about and then go and find them.  
 I bought some Christmas books off teacherspayteachers and the boys have loved making them and reading them.
 One More is a game we play often at this house. James plays it with various numbers, but for now Remi is working on just adding 1 more to the number that he rolls. I love this game because it's teaching them number sense in a very fun way and they are actually doing simple addition in their heads to get to the answer. In this picture Remi is using unifix cubes to help him figure out the numbers he doesn't know. For instance if he rolls the number 3 then he will try to figure out in his head what is one more than 3, but if he gets stuck he can get 3 unifix cubes and then add one more and count the total. This is an easy game to tweek if need be. James does Plus 2 and Plus 3 when he plays and Terrance does Plus 9 and Plus 10 when he plays. It's perfect for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. Easy and fun!
Hope you've enjoyed your learning at home this week.

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