Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekly Randoms

I always love doing a Weekly Randoms blog post. Being able to look back over our week is so delightful to me. I sure have a lot of fun with my boys.

My mom found two lion costumes and brought them home to us. James and I tried them on and looked pretty fierce if you ask me.
 We drove around a fancy neighborhood near our house and enjoyed trying out some of their really cool parks. This one has a huge dragon that kids can climb and play on and Terrance of course had to mount it and get his picture taken.
 The age of the three year old marks the age of independence. Many people talk about how a three year old is WAY worse than a two year old. I highly disagree. But I do understand why some people feel that way. I think that parentswill enjoy their 3 year old a lot more if they can let go of some control. They need to be prepared to let their three year old do EVERYTHING. James wants to do everything by himself and most of our conflict arises when I run over him and do it MY way. I've learned that his quest for independence is a good thing and to allow him time and space to try things on his own. This picture sums up how I spend a good chunk of my evenings. He loves to wear the footed pajamas that button all the way up. The downside to these pajamas is that he wants to button them ALL BY HIMSELF. It takes forever, but every night he is so delighted with himself that I really can't complain. I do complain. But I shouldn't complain. He's learning and learning always takes time and patience.
 Snuggles before bed. We play a kissing game at night where he has me hold him real tight and count to 100. He likes for me to count really fast and I kiss his face every time I get to a new ten (10, 20, 30, etc). Then when I get to 100 I go kiss crazy and kiss him all over til he begs me to stop. It's great fun!
 Here's the big man earning a little extra money. Jeremy told him he would pay him $5 for every bag of leaves he raked. That boy was never so happy to rake leaves. The way to a teen's heart is via money.
 Papa gave Terrance a new remote control car and a certain little boy loves to play with it while Terrance is in school.
 Mammy came over last night and played with the boys for a bit. They created a shark using Bend-a-roos and had a blast.
I just love our weeks.

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