Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amarillo Christmas

Our time in Amarillo was cut short because we thought a winter storm was coming, but the time we did spend there was wonderful. The boys had a blast at Mimi and Randad's house. They are always happy there.

Terrance and Randad had their fair share of wrestling and tickling. Terrance always picks fights with Randad and then squeals in agony the whole time because Randad tickles.
 James enjoyed driving Jesse's new remote control car.
 All my pictures are blurry because everyone is always on the move, but you get the idea. They loved their gifts.

 This pictures is proof that Jeremy ate too much Taco Villa while we were there. We miss Taco Villa so much and always have to eat it when we're in town, but it jacks Jeremy up.

 On Sunday we spent the day at G-Dad's house, my dad. The boys enjoyed digging through his coin box and seperating out the coins to divide amongest themselves.

 Santa brought G-Dad a hot tub this year and the kids loved playing in it. Laney and James were super skeptical at first, but eventually James joined the big boys and got in.
 Terrance literally thought his legs were going to burn off, but once Foster got in and swam around he realized he wasn't going to die.

We sure enjoyed spending time with everyone. There were so many pictures I didn't get while we were there. Our niece, Liberty, is getting big and adorable and I didn't get a picture of her. Boo! We love our Amarillo time!

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