Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being a Brother

The brother relationship between these two began developing before Terrance even moved in. Terrance is a nurturer by nature and an entertainer so the dynamic between him and James has always been good. James loves big boys and never really got the message that he was 3. He's always preferred to play with older kids and adores Terrance's every move.

Last night Big Brother did something amazing for Little Brother and I could have pulled my car over and kissed his face a million times, but restrained myself. We were in the car driving to youth group. I had stopped to pick up a couple of Terrance's friends on the way. One of his friends began talking about this movie he had seen and it was obvious that the movie was a little violent. So from the backseat, Big Brother said, "Hey, let's not talk about that movie while we're in the car. I don't think James should have to hear about things like that".

***Big momma smile from the front seat!***

Then the boy said, "Oh he'll learn about these things sooner or later"

Big Brother said, "Probably so, but he doesn't need to learn about them today".

Y'all. . . I nearly wrecked the car. My people pleasing, mild mannered, always the life of the party, son just basically told his friend to "hush". Maybe there are some of you out there that have watched your siblings protect each other their whole lives, but this is new to me. The fact that my 12 year old would stand up to his peers on behalf of his 3 year old brother amazed the socks off of me.

Needless to say, Jeremy and the boys are out for a special breakfast this morning. Jeremy could not have been more proud when I called him last night to tell him about this. We will always reward any behavior that leads to taking care of a weaker person. Terrance has received a hero's treatment this morning.

I didn't raise this child. I didn't lead this child to Christ. I didn't teach this child how to love. But he loves. Christ has done amazing things in this person whom I've only known for 7 months. It began long before I knew his name. I'm thankful that Christ is in homes everywhere. Don't ever rule out the homes that Christ can find people in. He found my boy 2 years ago and I have no doubt he's been protecting him and shielding him since birth.

My son has a brother. My oldest son has a brother and my youngest son has a brother. I love these two brothers.

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