Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Terrance and Abigail

Terrance has been planning for a month to buy a rat and he finally saved up his money and picked out a baby rat yesterday from Petco. She is absolutely adorable, but impossible to photograph because she's always on the move. Her name is Abigail and he has done nothing but play with her for the past two days.
 He uses the Mega Blocks to build her mazes and play areas and she loves to run around inside and find ways to escape.
 I love it when children get pets. Especially tender children like Terrance. He is a lover or animals and Abigail is going to be very good for him. Who knew you could learn to love a rat?

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Kristy Dixon, Parent Coach said...

Me, I knew! :) I used to have rats as class pets then I had them in my school counseling office. They are highly social and never bite. I used them to help the bullies in the school learn empathy. Since then we have adopted some when people didn't want them and now we just rat sit for a friend whenever they out of town. They are very smart and learn to come when you call their name and can be potty trained to only go in their cage. Congratulations again in 1 day! Rats are terrific pet!