Friday, February 8, 2013

Miss Sarah Jean Srader

I had my first trimester screening today and the benefit of that testing is that I got to see our baby AGAIN via sonogram. My third sonogram in 13 weeks and I'm feeling pretty blessed. Of course I went in hoping that the nurse could get a good look at the baby's "private" region so we could begin to plan for who is actually dwelling within me and luckily the nurse got a great look.

Now because it's still so early the nurse just has to make her best guess, but I would definitely agree with her on this one because it looked pretty clear to me. . . A GIRL!!! I honestly didn't have a care one way or the other. I could see a boy or girl fitting in just perfectly, but now that we think it's a girl I'm so happy! I never wanted to be the mom of a girl, but after having Nana Bear and Ladybug for so long I realized real quick that girls are a lot of fun.

The actual sonogram was a lot of fun. The baby was very still at first, maybe sleeping, and the nurse got some great measurements of her. I could see every part of her body this time around and enjoyed watching her rest. Then the nurse shook her around a bit to get her to move and she woke up and started sucking her thumb and kicking her legs. Her little legs were crossed, just like a lady, and any time the nurse shook her her thumb would pop out of her mouth and she'd stick it right back in. Adorable does not begin to describe the 15 minutes I had with her this morning. Once it came time to check for boy or girl the nurse really had to get her moving and she turned just perfectly to let us have a good view. It was truly amazing and I was kicking myself the whole time that I didn't bring the kids with me. They would have loved it! They will definitely go next time.

We've known all along what our names would be for either a girl or a boy. We both love the name Sarah. It's feminine if she's a girly girl and it's classic if she's not. Then for the middle name we picked Jean. Jean is the name of Jeremy's grandmother whom he loved and adored his whole life. She passed away when James was just under a year old and has been greatly missed by the whole family. She was a fiesty, strong woman and loved and cherished Jeremy every day of his life. I love that Sarah carries her name on. We have a million funny "Memaw" stories that Sarah can grow up knowing.

Sooo, unless our 20 week sono reveals something different we will be adding some pink to the Srader house. Sarah Jean Srader, you are one precious little surprise.


Sarah said...

I still cannot get over the fact that you are pregnant! I know you probably cant believe it either. And I personally love the name Sarah! lol. So happy for you. You are one great mama!

Maile said...

I love the name Sarah, too. My family was holding out hope for Emily, but Sarah was my favorite.