Saturday, February 9, 2013

Word Work

I'm using "Words Their Way" as our spelling curriculum and the boys have just done fabulously with it. The sorts that they are on now are all word family sorts, but in the beginning it just focused on beginning letters in words.

We've begun having a set thing to do each day with our "word work" and I made a little poster for the playroom to help keep us on track. It worked great this week except that on Friday we didn't do the "Spell Check" because James was sick so Remi stayed home. Here's how the week works:

Monday they get their new words (or if they aren't ready for new words they review their old words). We match the words to the pictures and just practice reading them and spelling them out loud. This is our day to talk about the patterns in each word and really notice why it's a word family. (This picture is from when James glued his sort, but it shows you the words)

 Tuesday they practice reading their words and then build them with magnetic letters. I highly recommend the tackle boxes for magnetic letters. Each letter has it's own box and I put a sticker on the box to show which letter goes in there. Makes building words so much faster than digging through a box full of random letters. And they are more than capable of cleaning it up correctly.
 Wednesday they practice writing their words. As they get older they will write their words more than once, but for three year olds this is PLENTY! I divided their paper into 8 parts and had them write one word per box. I called out the word and they wrote it. Most of the time we took it sound by sound.
On Thursday they glue their words and pictures to paper and practice reading the words and spelling them out loud. It is hard for most learners to spell words out loud. Most people do better when they can write them so it's good practice having your child spell words orally. If they can spell it orally, they know it!

My goal for Fridays is to have them do a spell check. Basically it's a spelling test, but it shows me if they are ready to move on or if they need another week practicing the same words. Word families make it a little easier to learn a lot of words in one week, but it's still 8 new words and I don't want to move on if they aren't ready.

This same schedule will be used when Terrance is homeschooled. He will just do more with his words than the littles do. He will also be using Words Their Way.

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