Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adoption Day!!!

Our day in court finally happened and we could not be happier to have finalized and officially adopted Terrance. Jeremy and I knew back in July that he would be our forever son, but it sure feels good to know that the world/law sees him as such now.
 We had lots of support that morning and were so happy to have our Buckner case worker, Terrance's grandparents, and our two family friends, The Cuchens and The Davises with us.
 The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but they only let you use cell phone cameras in the court house so we did the best we could.
 Terrance and his biological brother. I still stand amazed that there were 6 children removed from Terrance's home and ALL SIX OF THEM have happy forever homes now. Unbelievable!!!
 Terrance with his Mammy and Papa.
 Good moment! Would have never imagined back in June of 2000 when I was about to start my Senior year of high school that my son was being born. So thankful that God brought him to us. So thankful for the Cuchens who loved on him for 2 years while he was in foster care. What a journey!
Terrance, I adored you the moment I first laid eyes on you back in June and I will love you for eternity. You have filled our home with spunk, laughter, messes and millions of hours of conversation. You leave every light on, fall just walking across the normal floor, and argue me to death, but your love for James, your helpful spirit, and your curiosity about life and all things puberty bring me constant joy. I shudder at the thought of not having you here. I could not have loved you more if you had been here your whole life. You are a delight and it is an honor to be your second mother. I look forward to the years I have left with you.

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Erica Davidson said...

Love this! I have read your journey since last year and it's amazing to see his adoption as final! :) What a blessing y'all are to him, and he will be a big help with baby gets here!!