Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Insect Diagrams and Circle Map

We began our unit yesterday by starting a circle map about the pond. The boys used the green marker yesterday to list all the animals they knew lived at the pond. Then we read one book yesterday and one book this morning and afterwards they added (in orange) new animals they learned about.
We also revisited our new frog poem and some old favorites in our poetry notebooks. James was focused on spiders this morning so he read his "Itsy Bitsy Spider" poem.
 After reading a great non-fiction book that I got from Dollar Tree called, "Insects and Bugs" the boys got to choose their favorite bug and draw a diagram. I love their little diagrams and love the detail they put in to them. We ended up having lots of the insects from the book in our plastic animal bin so they each chose one to take a closer look.
 Remi labeled some of the features of his dragonfly

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