Friday, March 22, 2013

Our first sport

James started t-ball last night and I could not have been more giddy to watch him out on the field. I am by no means a sports lover. I could care less if James ever played a sport, but I am a big fan of independence and seeing my boy practicing and listening all on his own was so adorable.
 He's been so excited to start for the season to start and has been practicing in the back yard almost daily. His team is all boys and his coach is this sweet man from our church. Terrance was able to help out during practice and so that gave both boys something to boast about on the way home. 
 James is by far the smallest and probably the youngest on the team. I'm not sure how he'll measure up ability wise. During the drills he seemed a little winded by the running, but never quit. We'll have to work on the running drills. His short little legs just weren't created to run. Here he is working on some throwing drills.

 At one point he asked the coach if he could go and ask his mom something. The coach approved and so he walked over to the fence where I was watching him from and just stared at me. I said, "you're doing so good, Bubba. I'm so proud of you!" Then I said, "Did you want to ask me something?" and he just continued to stare at me. I said, "Do you need a kiss?" and he nodded so we kissed through the fence and I snapped this picture. I love this guy!
 I'm sure all moms beam when their child accomplishes new things, but James has always been so shy and needy and to watch him out on the field without me last night made me so happy that he's getting bigger and more confident. Having his big brother out there certainly helped, too.
So for the next 10 or so Thursday nights I am going to be happily watching my boy grow up. I can't wait to see him in his little baseball pants. Eeek!

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