Friday, March 22, 2013

Raising Ducks--Year 3

This is our 3rd year to raise ducks and the boys have been waiting all week for the shipment of ducks to come in to "Mastermade Feed Store" in Grapevine. We called this morning and they had plenty of ducks so we loaded up and headed out.
James and Remi had to pick a duck together and Terrance got to pick his own. I was hoping and praying that they would pick a black duck. I've always wanted a black one and so far no one has ever picked one. Sure enough, they both picked mostly yellow ducks. Oh well, they're cute.
We brought a little box to take them home in and Terrance babysat the whole way.
 Remi wanted to reuse the name he chose last year, "Boy" and James wanted to reuse the name he chose last year, "Jack" so the all yellow duck's name is "Jack Boy". Jack Boy is super calm, never chirps and sits patiently when the boys hold him. Glad the 3 year olds got him.

 Terrance's duck has a little bit of black on it so he named him, "Blacky". Blacky is noisy. He chirps constantly and is always trying to escape. We'll have to hold him a lot more to calm him down.
 Mammy came over once we got their tub set up and everyone enjoyed looking at the cute little babies. They can't go outside today because it is too cold. Might move them out when they're a little older.

 Here's their little set up for the time being. They will live here for a week or so then move out to our kiddie pool. Each night we will put them back in here to sleep in the garage.
 And so it begins. . . another year of petting, feeding, watering, catching, chasing and taming ducks. Every year I say, "I'm never going to do this again." But I always end up doing it because the kids love it so much.

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