Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Randoms

At nearly 20 weeks I feel like I am actually about 35 weeks. Sheesh! This baby girl is big. My breathing is labored, my sleep is uncomfortable, I can't get off the floor. . . however, she moves a lot now and punches like none other. Her hits and kicks actually cause me pain and I never felt that with James. I get more and more excited each day thinking about what this little fierce creature will be like. My husband has a thing for strong willed women/girls and I know he is ready to watch her begin to rule the world!
 James, my baby lover, loves having Sullivan around to snuggle with. You can tell by Sullivan's face that he's use to it by now and enjoys all the attention.
 We went to Chuck e Cheese for the first time last weekend and the boys loved it. I had never been and I loved the lay out. The kids are safe to roam and play while mom eats and talks. It was perfect!
 Of course my little ham had to take a picture with Chuck e
 Indoor camping. What you can't tell by looking at the picture is that ALL my blankets are out and piled on top of 3 sweaty boys who continued to play under there with flash lights all morning. Goofs!
 We attended a carnival at our church to support the new documentary movie "Stuck". Terrance was super helpful and ran the preschool games the whole time we were there. This boy loves to socialize and he's a cheerful little helper (most of the time).
 Terrance, my child who swears he wants to be a mechanic, got some quality time in the garage rotating Jeremy's tires. He was so tired and dirty afterwards I wonder if he still thinks being a mechanic is his dream job. I honestly think he'd be good at a lot of things, but if people aren't involved he'll tire of it quickly.
 We made some adorable baby chicks out of broken egg shells and grass seed. I'll take a picture of the finished product if it actually grows. I'm so hopeful that it will, but we'll see. The boys (even big boy) loved creating their little creatures.
 James has issues. He likes things in his room a certain way and unfortunately is as unorganized as his mother so his collections end up making messes even though to him they are organized. This is how the side of his bed looks each day. He has his favorite toys, his favorite books, and his camera all laid out so he can get to them easily from his bed.
 Sullivan is the hot item at our house. Here he is getting read to by James and Terrance. Not sure he can learn by two books going at once but he's certainly not hurting for attention.
 Remi-Boy building some words. These little guys are so smart and I love to watch them enjoy their learning.
The busyness keeps on coming, but we are enjoying life over here. Hope you've had a good week, too.

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