Thursday, April 25, 2013

Carnival Fun!

A few weekends ago there was a little carnival near our house that the boys were dying to go to. My neighbor, Elisa, and her husband wanted to go as well so we set off one Friday night and had some fun.
Here's Terrance and James as we were walking in.
 Me and the boys took our $12 ride on the ferris wheel. If you ever want to go and spend a lot of cash very quickly you should head to a carnival.
 Terrance high up in the sky.
 Daniel and Gabriel, our favorite Swedish neighbors.
 Terrance lucked out because James only wanted to ride the ferris wheel so all the other tickets were used by him. Here he is going into the haunted house. We heard him scream from outside. Ha!
 The spaceship that spins around and around. I felt certain he would puke on this one, but he didn't.
 The last ride was the Zipper. He had to ride it with some random girl because the cages have to be full. I had no idea the boy was so brave as to ride this ride.

We had such a great time. I remember my mom letting me go to carnivals that came to our city so I'm glad our boys got to do it.

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