Thursday, April 25, 2013

James' 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated James' 4th birthday with a construction themed birthday party. He and his little friends had a great time playing, building and partying together. Thank you to everyone who came out to make this such a special day for him.
His dirt cake
The obstacle course began with a run through some tires. . .

then a climb up the fort and down the slide. . .
 then they had to crawl through a tunnel and carry of shovel of rocks (gravel filled Easter eggs) back to the starting line.
 Everyone did so good!

 The sandbox became "The Digging Zone"
under the fort we had "The Hammer Zone" where they hammered golf tees into blue board. . .
 of course the big boys spent most of their time jumping. . .
 We certainly enjoyed seeing our little friend, Aiyana, and were not at all shy about claiming her as the guest of honor.
James took a picture with each of his party guests and the gift they gave him. I got this idea from one of his other friend's, Walker, party. It's so sweet to watch the friend bring him their gift and then help him open it and pose for a picture. Love it!

  He had been looking forward to his cake and everyone singing to him all day.
 Making his wish

 It was a wonderful day to celebrate our boy and enjoy our friends and family.

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