Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step Aside Sarah Jean, There's a New Kid in Town

My sonogram this morning could not have been any more fun. It was the full anatomy scan which is always fun because you get to see EVERYTHING! We saw the healthy four chambered heart-Praise the Lord! We saw the healthy brain-Praise the Lord! We saw the healthy kidneys and umbilical cord-Praise the Lord! We also happened to see the healthy male private part that we weren't expecting to see on our thought-to-be daughter, Sarah Jean. But we are still praising the Lord!
Going into our 13 week sonogram I didn't care a bit if it was a girl or a boy. When the sonographer thought it was a girl I was so excited. And for the past 2 months we have been planning on adding a sister to our home. We had visions of her being bold and bossy and feminine and commanding the attention of her adoring brothers.
When we found out that our new baby was actually a boy we all just laughed. Well, I laughed. James screamed, "Yay! I wanted a brother!" and Terrance was sad to say goodbye to the sister he thought he was getting and Jeremy was stunned. Jeremy had wanted a boy so bad at 13 weeks but grew to love the idea of Sarah. Now he had to switch back into boy zone.
After the sonogram we did kind of stand around for a bit dazed and confused by the new news, but once it soaked in that we had just spent the last 40 minutes watching Adam inside my tummy we all started to get excited about our new brother.
 Mr. Baby Adam is my thumb sucking, full of surprises son. He fought hard today to not let us see his private parts. I think he wanted to fool us all in August, but Jeremy was not leaving there today until he saw some privates and we finally sneaked in a good look.

I could not be more thankful that he is healthy and doing well. He is also beautiful. His profile was adorable and doesn't really look like James' profile so I think these two brothers will look different. His full on face shot looked a lot like Jeremy and Aunt Kaley, the two Sraders that look the most alike. He was active and happy in his dark little world. My anticipation is growing at a rapid pace and I fear by the time August is here I will be absolutely obsessed with meeting this little guy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Maile, that's a big surprise! You home will definitely be a boy zone. Congratulations !