Saturday, May 25, 2013

It Is Finished!

Not to steal Jesus' words, but we are feeling quite victorious at the Srader house. Jeremy is done with his master's degree and the relief can be felt across our home. For five years he has worked on this degree and for five years we have shared him (and our finances) with a university. We could not be happier to say "It is finished!"

The past six months have been the hardest because Jeremy has taken a two night a week class. This means that he has had NO nights at home because he works the night shift at his job the other 5 nights a week. I'm so proud of his perseverance. I always knew he was one heck of an intelligent guy, and now I'm so glad he has this degree to prove he is exceptional!

He has dreamed of taking this picture with the boys. It's quite symbolic to him and after staring at it a bit I can begin to see why. Jeremy's heart and soul are happiest when he is home and knowing now that his days off are really DAYS OFF means everything to all of us. He's done. He did it. He's the first Srader in his family to have a master's degree and he deserves it!

Way to go, Honey!

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