Friday, May 3, 2013

My Third Arm

 I'm feeling overwhelmed with gratitude today for Terrance. People that know me well know that I call Terrance my "third arm". I honestly, honestly, honestly, cannot imagine life without him. He is kind, thoughtful, helpful, fun, and most importantly my friend.
 When he joined our family 9 months ago I knew I would love him. I knew I would cherish him. But I did not know I would enjoy the absolute socks off of him. There are moments in our day when I have to stop and "parent" him because let's face it, he's 12. But for the majority of the time he is practically perfect in every way.
He has been a huge influence on James and has brought our shy little man completely out of his shell. James adores his every breath and Terrance is completely patient with him and all his 4 year old behaviors. I'm convinced these boys are bonded and attached just as strongly as if they had spent their whole lives together. No one in this world could have been better for James than Terrance. And I don't think anything could have been better for Terrance than him being given the chance to be a big brother. He's wonderful at it!
If I were to add up the time Terrance and I spend talking each day it would most certainly equal more than 2 hours. At night when I put James to bed, Terrance and I sit on the couch and talk. We talk about real things. We talk about fantasy things. We talk about school, life, marriage, Jesus, friendships, our plans for the next day, etc. He truly has become my friend and my son and I'm amazed at the way our relationship has unfolded.
We are fast approaching the "one year" mark on knowing Terrance and Jeremy and I both would agree that if given the opportunity to change this past year we would not change anything! In fact, we would pay a lot of money to have the life we have now vs. the life we had without Terrance. He's a treasure! Come 9:00 tonight I may be drowsily begging for him to retire to his room and I might forget all these kind things I've said about him, but deep down in my soul I know that he is a gift and I could not be more thankful to my Lord for giving him to me.


Deb said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! He sounds like such an amazing young man.

Anonymous said...
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